Mexican actress and producer Olga Segura has just filmed “The Garden of Steven,” a short set in Guatemala, and “Border Run,” in which she acts at the side of Sharon Stone.

And in addition, she displays her talent as producer of the comedy “Paranormal Movie,” starring and directed by Kevin Farley.

Segura says that producing movies is one of the great passions of her life.

In contrast to acting, which takes her on an introspective and most solitary journey through her interior world, when she produces she has to involve herself in all aspects of the film process.

“Producing is like entering a different world. I love to read a script and study it to determine if it’s a commercial project or a more artistic one, and depending on that, who the best person is to direct it, act in it, edit it. I love looking for locations. … Everything!” said Segura in an interview with Efe.

Segura, who has only been in Hollywood for two years and is already seeing the fruits of her dedication to film, believes that Latinos are getting more and more opportunities to tell stories in movies every day.

“We Latinos are not the exception in Hollywood, thanks to talents like Demian Bichir, Sofia Vergara, Salma Hayek and many others who were (working hard) when it wasn’t easy to get in. They opened the doors for those of us who came later. Thanks to them, I’m here. I think we’re going down a very good road,” the artist said.