Director Filmography

Elefanta, Que Ninguna se Quede Balanceándose Sola.


Elefanta is a film inspired by the original song Un Elefante Se Balanceaba, an anonymous and traditional song from Latin America which is taught in nursery schools or by parents to help their kids learn how to count.

In English, the song tells the story of one elephant who was bouncing on a spider web, and when the elephant realizes it held their weight they invited another elephants to bounce on it. The song continues as each elephant invites another.

We realized that there’s a message to be pulled from the song that we need to translate for our community, especially when it comes to collaborating and building together. If one Latinx is getting the opportunity to be in a position of power, after time, that person should help bring up another Latinx. So we created a 4-minute animation featuring elephants in different industries and positions of power. The Elefanta song is a modern version and is sung by a Latinx artist.

Our community needs inspiration. We believe we can find it in our roots. In order for our community to level up, we need to support and lift each other. We’ve seen it with other communities and it’s time we do it ourselves.

Carla Morrison: Hacia Dentro


Carla Morrison never went searching for fame but her incredible talent propelled her from a small town in Mexico to become one of the top female artists in Latin America. Her voice became sought after by the biggest musicians in the world and Carla has collaborated with J Balvin, Macklemore, Ricky Martin and dozens of others.

After three Latin Grammy wins, sold out arena shows and with an enormous fan base, Carla was on a trajectory to become a legend. But Carla didn’t fit the mould of a Latin celebrity. Outspoken, covered in tats and an ambassador for positive body image, Carla was plagued with online abuse and after years of strenuous touring as an independent artist, she cracked under the pressure. In 2018 Carla Morrison Disappeared. She made the heartbreaking decision to quit music and move to Paris to hide and rebuild herself. This film follows Morrison as she finds a new strength and new passion for music. Now in Paris recording a new album, Carla is set for a huge comeback with a new sound, a new purpose and a new message. Carla Morrison might still become the legend she is destined to be.