The Latinx House is pop-up venue that activates at places of influence. It intends to unite the Latinx community by providing a space for artists, content creators, grassroots organizers, thought leaders, and other supporters to address issues that impact the Latinx community.

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In partnership with the Sundance Institute’s Women at Sundance program, Netflix, Shondaland, and GloNation three Latina directors participated in the inaugural Adelante Directors Fellowship, a groundbreaking program that supports up-and-coming directors’ professional development, creating a pipeline to uplift independent filmmakers as they grow in their careers and learn more about directing on a series.

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Poderistas® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that launched in August 2020 and is one the fastest growing digital communities created by and for Latinas. Poderistas is a community built to celebrate Latina culture and harness the power of community. We elevate, celebrate, and inspire Latinas to amplify their voices and actions on behalf of themselves and their communities.

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Decididas is a digital content series and platform that empowers women in Mexico and Latin America by creating awareness of the decisions they make every day in order to generate positive changes in society.

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DMI Decidadas Summit is a 5-year visionary effort that brings together leaders and change agents to take action. Our purpose is to contribute to the construction of gender equality, prevent and eradicate gender violence, combat discrimination and generate the necessary tools to strengthen the economic power that allows us to grow and generate growth opportunities for others.

DMI Decididas Summit is more than an event, it’s the synergy of creative and inspiring content where the exchange of art, business, networking, culture, sports, media and music that makes this international event one of a kind in LatAm. It’s first edition took place in Mexico City and virtually in 2023.

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The Querida Familia Letter, published in the New York Times, is a letter of love signed by over 200 Latinx leaders. It was written and organized by America Ferrera, Diane Guerrero, Eva Longoria, Alex Martinez Kondracke, Mónica Ramírez and Olga Segura.

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Los Angeles En Mexico is a nonprofit created after the earthquake that hit Mexico on the 19th of September 2017 that affected so many of our communities and families.

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